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Convertible v1.6 released

Convertible v1.6 released published on

Version 1.6 has been released to the App Store. This is Convertible’s biggest release so far and adds many new exciting features.

Major changes
• Compound units! Display and edit compound values for many units
• New Conversion Type: Pressure
• New Conversion Type: Power
• Favorites are now grouped together at the start of the unit list
• Increased decimal precision on very small numbers
• Significantly improved currency update time
• Display and edit fractional values for compound inches and ounces
• New style number pad now matches selected theme
• New theme, Hong Kong (the new favourite!)
• Bug fixed in temperature calculations
• Conversions returning very small values no longer return zero

Minor changes
• Settings option to turn on/off compound units or display only when editing
• Settings option to group favorites or ungroup them
• Currency update frequency increased to every three hours (when active)
• Sahara theme colours adjusted, now slightly warmer
• Conversion Type can now be changed while in edit mode
• More predictable decimal input behaviour
• New units across many conversion types
• iPad icon now displays correctly (yes, finally!)

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